Dr. Yoram Neumann  
Dr. Yoram Neumann
founded his Pediatric Private Clinic in Herzlia Pituach
in 1980. The clinic treats patients by appointment Sundays-Thursdays and
in cases of medical emergencies on weekends and holidays (also by
appointment). Dr. Neumann combines in his practice many years of
experience with wide clinical and theoretical knowledge.

He is a specialist in 3 different fields:
Pediatrics, Pediatric Hemato-Oncology and Adult Hematology.
Dr. Neumann served in the Israeli Air Force as The Commander of the
Tel Nof Air Force Base Clinic, and was responsible for both the children's
and parent's healthcare.

During the 23 years since finishing his specialization, Dr. Neumann has
been a Senior Hematologist and Pediatrician in Tel Hashomer (Sheba)
Hospital. He devotes himself completely to the clinical care of  children
and young adults treated in the department and outpatient clinic of
Pediatric Hemato-Oncology.

Today, Dr. Neumann is the deputy head of the Pediatric Hemato-Oncology Department at Tel
Hashomer Hospital and Head of the Pediatric Oncology Outpatient Clinic in the Edmund and
Lily Safra Children's Hospital, Tel Hashomer. He also works privately as a consultant to the
various Kupot Holim and as a consultant to the International Department of The Herzliya
Medical Center.

Throughout all his years of working in Tel Hashomer, Dr. Neumann took part in teaching and
supervising student doctors and nurses. Working in the hospital hand in hand with the private
clinic enables him to be fully up-to-date with professional matters. This ensures knowledge of
all the advanced research and facts in the fields of Pediatrics and Hematology, side by side
daily involvement with clinical cases.

Dr. Neumann is a member of the Israeli Hematology Society, The Israeli Society of Clinical
Pediatrics and the Israeli Society of Ambulatory Pediatrics. He regularly participates and
lectures in International and National conferences and symposiums. During the past ten
years, Dr. Neumann has been combining Alternative Medicine and especially Homeopathy
together with conventional medicine, having studied and received a degree in Homeopathy
from Bar Ilan University, Israel.

On 16.11.2010 Dr. Neumann received the award of excellence by the Ministry of Health of Israel.
During the many years of practice in his modern, stylish clinic in Herzliya, Dr.Neumann has become the guru of many mothers in the Sharon area.

  עובד מצטיין
He cares for entire families, treating every problem which might arise
concerning children's health and development. He raised a whole
generation of children and today takes care of their children, too.
His reputation has spread far and wide and people come to him for
consultations from all over the country and even from abroad.

Dr. Neumann's private clinic offers babies, children and their parents
a warm personal attitude, excellent professional treatment, and a homely
atmosphere. The clinic is housed in a comfortable, stylish and friendly
environment equipped with toys, magazines and children's T.V. channels.
The clinic takes care of all the medical needs of the young family and
  provides the following services:
• Well baby clinic services, including vaccinations
• Developmental follow up
• Nutritional advice
• Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic disorders
  All this is offered together with a good bed-side manner, much patience and devotion. The clinic is
a home to families speaking many languages and affords a professional, polite and understanding
team who speak English, Hebrew, French and German.

The clinic accepts patients with the following insurance plans: Maccabi Magen, Clalit Mushlam,
Meuchedet and Amamit. These will reimburse the patient according to their terms. Patients with
private Israeli insurances will also be reimbursed by their companies.

Appointments are always on time.
Please phone us at 09-9572597 and we will try to schedule an appointment and consultation as
soon as possible.
Shira Dr. Yoram Neumann
המרפאה של ד"ר נוימן בהרצליה המרפאה של ד"ר נוימן מבחוץ
עם נשיא עזר ויצמן ז"ל באירוע של עמותת להושיט יד עם יובל המבולבל